Five-Point Inspection: 5 Reasons Ford Needs to Modernize the Mustang

Five-Point Inspection: 5 Reasons Ford Needs to Modernize the Mustang

1. It's embarrassing

The 2015 Mustang has leaked out ahead of its official debut, revealing a familiar shape and a more modern look. In many ways the transformation is less dramatic than expected, though the shift in design is much needed.

Like it or not, stereotypes are real and a car says something about its driver.

The Mustang we just finish driving screams “I’m an old man” and that’s a message no one but old men want to send.

The stigma is even worse if you live in a big city or either of the coasts.

Some among the AutoGuide staff admitted to being self conscious, shyly maneuvering through traffic in an attempt to not draw any more attention to the Gotta Have it Green paint so as to avoid the judging eyes of urbanites. All those lounging hipsters and smartly dressed banker-types would certainly expect anyone stepping out of a Mustang to toss back their mullet… if they still had hair.

The Mustang faithful might be socked to hear this but there’s an increasingly large portion of the population that won’t drive a Mustang for the very worst reason: they’re too embarrassed.

And when faced with that concern, does Ford need any other reasons to deliver a modern Mustang?

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  • CA_Refugee

    Having both my grandfather and father work for Ford in Dearborn, MI, I am partial to the “old” or out going ‘stang. The solid rear axle is what I love about it. If you enjoy a “lively” feel and a fun car to drive. Now granted the V6 need not apply, I’m talking about the full power V8 version. I even made a sales clerk at a dealer turn white on a test drive on more than 1 occasion. Fun, fun, fun. I will miss this version of the Mustang for sure. But, I do agree, it is time to update it, and kick some Camaro A$$ all over a track! (and street)

    Having looked at the new leaked pics of the ’15 model… Hmmm… Not quite sure if I like it yet. The headlights are quite interesting… The rear is a bit too angled on the tail lights, but not too bad looking. It has potential, can’t wait to see what the BOSS and GT500 versions will look like!

  • CA_Refugee

    Oh, yea, forgot to mention…

    If you don’t like, or have issues with the solid rear axle’s handling characteristics, all one has to do is install a watts link to the rear axle. Handling issues are pretty well solved by this solution.

  • Lex

    Colum Wood is an idiot.

  • Fox Body Mustangs

    This is a shit article