2014 Lincoln MKX Interior Features Tree-Based Fiberglass Alternative

2014 Lincoln MKX Interior Features Tree-Based Fiberglass Alternative

Lincoln has announced that the 2014 MKX will introduce a tree-based alternative to fiberglass for its interior parts.

The tree-based alternative is the result of a collaboration between Lincoln and sustainable solutions pioneer Weyerhaeuser and auto parts supplier Johnson Controls. By using tree-harvested natural fibers instead of glass-based fibers, the MKX’s interior features Cellulose Reinforced Polypropylene (CRP) which is lighter and more eco-friendly than fiberglass.

One such piece using the CRP will be found in the floor console armrest substrate, which is a structural piece located within the center console armrest. According to the American automaker, CRP is roughly six percent lighter than traditional fiberglass pieces.

“If we transfer its use to larger parts, it could really benefit the vehicle weight, which benefits fuel economy,” Lee said. “Cellulose has good reinforcement, so we looked at fiberglass-reinforced materials for this project.”

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  • thatguy88

    It’s really a shame about this car. I love it, for what it’s worth. Then again, I’m one to root for the underdog.