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 |  Dec 24 2013, 6:02 PM

Sport Button a Letdown


Corolla front 3q

But isn’t this the Corolla S, meaning the “sporty” model? Of course! That’s why there’s a sport button by the shift lever and paddles on the steering wheel. However, these two features barely make the Corolla feel any more exciting to drive.

The sport button keeps the engine speed high along with the noise level. Maybe the car is a bit more responsive in this mode, but with just 130 hp on tap, the it isn’t ever going to feel powerful across a highway on-ramp. The paddle shifters were equally uninspiring.

Fortunately, when it comes to steering and handling, the Corolla S is easy to drive, with mild road manners that won’t encourage drivers to exceed the speed limit, or scorch the tires on the back-roads. It’s tighter than before, but still doesn’t measure up to the driving dynamics of some of its competition like the Mazda3 or Ford Focus.