Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban Take $1,000 – $3,000 Hike

Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban Take $1,000 – $3,000 Hike

General Motors new generation of body-on-frame SUVs come with fresh engines, lightweight materials and a host of improvements and it’s going to cost a premium.

The entry-level 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe will cost $45,595 including delivery. Before options, a four-wheel drive “LTZ” model – the most expensive – will cost $62,995. Those represent increases of $1,000 and $2,640 respectively. Chevrolet has yet to make an official announcement about pricing for any of its new SUVs, but an order guide circulated to dealers tipped the information.

Both the Tahoe and Suburban will arrive in dealers sometime during the first quarter of next year. The larger truck will cost $48,295 to start with rear-wheel drive while pricier four-wheel drive LTZ models will sticker for $65,595 before options. Base ‘Burbans rise $1,000 just like the Tahoe, but the LTZ version hikes $3,300 compared to 2014.

GM is packaging its “Gen V” 5.3-liter V8, which boasts improved torque and horsepower over the old 5.3-liter V8. It makes 353 hp and 383 lb-ft, which marks a 33-hp increase and 48 more lb-ft of twist.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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