2015 Ford Mustang Leaked

2015 Ford Mustang Leaked

Someone at Ford is probably having a very bad day. Images of the hotly-anticipated 2015 Mustang just leaked.

The official debut will take place this Thursday during a multi-location broadcast sometime mid-morning (probably during Good Morning America). Thanks to a set of loose lips an unscrupulous cell phone owner with an upcoming copy of AutoWeek, images of the new Mustang’s design are out in the open.

Some of the same styling and body lines as the Fusion mid-size sedan are visible, but it is still an obvious evolution on the outgoing generation’s body shape. Ford chose to keep the raked rear lights associated with the refreshed version of the previous generation, albeit with an updated design. The iconic Mustang emblem is still present on the rear, but without the bezel. Presumably, the photos show a GT model and include a mild rear diffusor, although those rear-end changes are minimal considering it will abandon the live rear axle.

Rather than the gaping retro front end found on models spanning from 2005 until today, the new car gets swept-back lights with turn signal indicators integrated with the front quarter panel. The headlights also adopt a narrower profile compared to the old round lamps.

Despite the low quality images, the magazine article exposes a few additional details. For starters, the car will indeed feature an independent rear suspension (compared to the last generation’s live rear axle) and a curb weight that is 200 lbs. lighter than the last model, thanks to aluminum front fenders. Additionally, there seems to be two performance packages available, one for the 2.3L EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, and one for the 5.0L V8 engine. The performance package includes a limited slip differential and it sounds as though the V8 equipped models will wear 15-inch rotors with brembo brakes. When it comes to standard features, the 2015 Mustang will feature standard keyless ignition,

The article also hints that the 2015 Mustang GT with the performance package is faster around a track than the last generation Ford Mustang GT Boss 302.

GALLERY: 2015 Ford Mustang Leaked Magazine Images


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  • unhappymustangguy

    If I wanted a fusion coupe…I would have asked for one.

  • Don Falloon

    So 10,000 so-called Mustang “purists” don’t immediately fork out money but Ford gains another 50,000 sales with other enthusiastic buyers including the added overseas market. Not a bad trade-off.

  • Robby G

    Move along old man. It’s time the old retro crap went in the garbage.

  • Honest Abe

    Apparently Ford values its loyal buyers about as much as they value Quality Being Job 1.

  • Trez

    Forget the “purists.” These are the same people who believe there is nothing wrong with a solid axle in a performance car. Cavemen. I like it. Too bad I’m not done paying off my old Mustang yet. I’d have snatched one of these up in a minute. I like progress.

    If you really want nostalgia, NOTHING has it more than this car. The original Mustang was a car that took it’s design cues from the European sports cars from the 1960’s. So does this car. It’s VERY European. And don’t give me any of that “muscle car” argument. The Mustang was NEVER designed to be a muscle car. It was ALWAYS supposed to be a GT car — that’s Grand Tourer for those who don’t know. GT cars are supposed to be cars that are beautiful to drive quickly for long periods of time on all types of roads, NOT just in a straight line.

    Kudos, Ford. You’ve got a winner on your hands. Now watch how quickly the “others” move away from the retro trend….

  • tr

    Looks sweet have 2012 cal special ,good by solid rear axle way over due !!