2015 Ford Mustang Rumored to have ‘Burnout Control’

2015 Ford Mustang Rumored to have ‘Burnout Control’

Rumor has it that the new 2015 Ford Mustang will feature an electronic system that aids owners in performing burnouts.

comes from unconfirmed sources, but given that the 2015 Mustang was recently announced, there’s bound to be features Ford has yet to announce on its new pony car. If it turns out to be true however, think of the system as a launch control system specifically built for burnouts.

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One way the system could work is to have it trigger a line lock on the front brakes while disabling traction control. It would then rev up the engine to the ideal RPM for a dramatic burnout.

The current Mustang offers “track apps” that track acceleration, braking and G-forces. There’s also a stoplight countdown feature, so it isn’t hard to imagine Ford throwing new gimmicks geared toward muscle car hooliganism. Then again, using the feature on public streets could lead to a court date.

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