2015 Mustang Body in White to use Solid Rear Axle: Report

2015 Mustang Body in White to use Solid Rear Axle: Report

One of the biggest changes coming to the 2015 Ford Mustang is the addition of independent rear-suspension, though it looks like those who pine for the classic solid-rear axle setup will still have an option. 

A report from Gas2.org claims that a new body-in white program will be introduced for the Mustang, outfitting the car with a 9″ solid rear axle. A body-in-white car is essentially the shell of a vehicle, which can be purchased and then finished in any way the owner sees fit.  The program’s main purpose will be to attract race teams to the car, as a live-rear axle setup is still desirable to many, especially drag racers.

It will also serve up some competition for cross-town rival Chevy and its body-in-white program for the Camaro.

The live-axle Mustang kit is expected to debut at next year’s Performance Racing Industry Show. Once the body-in-white program is up and running, Ford Racing is expected to offer the parts necessary for converting road-going Mustangs to a live-axle setup.

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[Source: Gas2]

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  • Soyntgo4it

    LOL that is all I got.

  • Guest

    god damn it ford! why can’t you offer that crap as a package?

  • Alan Dallas

    If you knew how assembly lines work you wouldn’t be asking that question. Over the decades across all Auto Manufacturers there have been “Dealer only installed options” available. FYI, if it’s in the FRPP catalog you can have your Dealer install it before taking delivery and still retain a warranty.