2015 Ford Mustang Video, First Look

2015 Ford Mustang Video, First Look

And here it is, the 2015 Ford Mustang. It’s been a LONG time coming – you could say 50 years in the making – but the company officially unveiled the car today. As you know, this has been one of the most hotly anticipated vehicles of the past few years.

As with today’s model, the brand-new ‘Stang borrows from its styling past because you can’t just walk away from five decades of heritage, but the car is by no means shackled exclusively to retro design.

Unmistakable Mustang cues are still there, things like the galloping pony logo, the long hood and the three-chamber tail lights. But now designers have added some new elements into the mix. The grille shape and headlamps were probably inspired by the hot new Fusion sedan while the shape of the side glass reminds me a bit of an Audi A7. These traits should help it appeal to customers around the world because remember, the Mustang is going global.

An all-new interior should help attract customers as well. The cockpit was supposedly aviation-inspired and it features more room, better visibility and improved ergonomics, to say nothing of better craftsmanship. But design is only part of this story. Numbers are what you’re really interested in and here are the big ones.

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As with today’s car a 3.7-liter V6 serves as the base engine while the alpha option is once again a screaming 5.0-liter Coyote V8. Official output numbers have not been released at this time but the Five-Oh is expected to have in excess of 420 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque.

But the biggest powertrain news is the availability of a new EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. Clocking in at 2.3-liters it’s expected to deliver more than 305 ponies. Updated manual and automatic transmissions are also part of the package and the car finally gets paddle shifters.

The 2015 Ford Mustang’s other big news is independent rear suspension. Yes, the Roman chariot-grade technology propping up the hindquarters of today’s car has at last been put out to pasture, for better or worse.

Heritage runs deep with the Blue Oval and especially with the Mustang. In fact over the last 50 years they’ve delivered more than 9 million of these ponies. As Mark Fields, the company’s Chief Operating Officer said during the big reveal, this car is the “heart and soul of the Ford Motor Company.” If any ‘Stang is going to beat in sync with a new generation of drivers around the world this 2015 model is the one to do it.

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  • Not a fan of this body style

    I have been a Mustang lover since I was a toddler. My first car was a 76 Mustang II V8 Followed by a 78 V8. I also owned a 65 2+2 fastback and Now Own a 88 GT hatch and 88 lx convertible. I think the 05 to 09 was the best all around Mustang with looks, performace and gas mileage. The 10 to 14 Needed a rear body style change looks great till you get to the back. But this is one body style I will not buy. If I wanted a tunner looking car I would buy one from a different county. Muscle should look like muscle not something from over sea’s. And yes I say this after owning two Mustang II’s. I hope this body style changes for the better soon.

  • 2011 5.0 Owner

    I like verything about it with one exception. The squinty eyed headlights. Makes it look too much like a Fusion. If I wanted taht look I would buy a Fusion, this is a Mustang, round headlights please.

  • Harry-O

    I own a 1968 1/2 428 Cobra Jet with Ram Air Coupe. love that car. Bought it off showroom floor. Only 15 built.

  • tommorofski

    Born and raised in Dearborn/Detroit, Michigan in the 50s & 60s … first car was 57 two door post Ford 300 … FIRST NEW CAR? A Mustang, of course. ’65 convertible, silverblue with blue interior and black top. Options? C-code 289 with manual 3 speed, AM radio and heater, that’s it. Great car for an 18 yr. old college kid working his way thru school. Like millions of my era, would luv to have that one back. Last new Mustang purchased? ’06 California Limited Edition WITH EVERY OPTION AVAILABLE … Vista Blue Metallic with rocker and over the top silver striping. Beautiful car I’ve enjoyed for 7 years now.

  • Havoc Dark

    Give it some time. The new body styles take a bit to grow on you because we become so attached to our old pony cars. I remember hating the 05 and the 2010.

  • Antonio Aguirre

    The car looks great the way it is, a modern Mustang with a touch of the oldies. When was the last time Ford made a Mustang with round headlights? Round headlights has become a thing of the past. I’m surprise you’re not asking to go back to light bulbs instead of the new LED technology headlights.