2015 Mercedes ML Spy Photos Tip Upcoming Refresh

2015 Mercedes ML Spy Photos Tip Upcoming Refresh

AutoGuide.com’s intrepid spy photographer just caught photos of Mercedes testing the 2015 ML-Class with a heavy camouflage bra hiding its refreshed front fascia.

The ML has been on the market for quite some time now and it’s starting to look a little stale. The heavily camouflaged prototype is difficult to decipher, but it’s a safe bet that the German company will rework the styling in order for the bulky SUV to fit in with its sexier siblings like the new GLA and CLA vehicles.

There’s a significant cladding on the front end of the car so its a safe bet that this car will feature a revised front bumper and headlights. There’s also a chance that the upcoming ML will feature a different looking hood and grille as well.

Fortunately, there’s also a picture of the cabin. It’s not a huge departure from the current model and the biggest change is hidden under a blanket. It isn’t hard to see that Mercedes is hiding the floating LCD screen that is in the new CLA-Class.

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  • Corsair66

    I’ve been considering picking up a new ML550 for my wife, though it looks as though I’ll have to grab a ’14, rather than waiting for the ’15. I don’t care at all for the new “floating” screen arrangement. It looks like an afterthought – something that a kid would add to a car that didn’t have one as original equipment. A MB’s screen should be entirely integrated into its dashboard, just as it is with my new CLS550.