Allan McNish Announces Retirment as Le Mans Driver

Allan McNish Announces Retirment as Le Mans Driver

Sports prototype racer Allan McNish will not return to compete for a fourth Le Mans 24 Hour victory.

But his decision not to return as a driver won’t mark an outright exit from the sport. McNish will “comprehensively assist” the Audi factory team.

“I’ve had fantastically successful time with Audi and feel it’s the right time to step back from Le Mans sports-prototype racing and to look at other opportunities,” McNish, who will turn 44 this month, said.

“As a racing driver it’s important to stop [racing] at the right time when I’m still fast and capable of doing the job and the timing feels right after winning Le Mans for a third time this year and claiming the World title”

His motorsport career spans 32 years including the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship last year after racking up three wins, three second and one third place finish in Audi’s hybrid diesel Le Mans racer.

“My fellow Scot and mentor Jackie Stewart knew when to get into things but also knew when to get out and he has taught me that lesson,” McNish said.

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