2014 Car of the Year Award Winner – 2014 Mazda3

Raising the Bar in the Compact Car Segment

22 2014 Car of the Year Award Winner – 2014 Mazda3


Last week we presented the five finalists for the 2014 Car of the Year Award.

Diversity was the name of the game this year as our five finalists represent five different market segments and hail from three different continents. As a recap, the compact 2014 Mazda3, the mid-size 2014 Mazda6, the full-size 2014 Chevrolet Impala, the luxurious Cadillac CTS and the segment busting Mercedes-Benz CLA all made the cut into the final five. But there can only be one winner.

For days we evaluated the finalists, had heated discussions and finally came to a consensus. The 2014 Car of the Year is the 2014 Mazda3.

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During the introduction of the new 3, Mazda claimed this compact car would be a game changer. With such a presumptuous claim, our expectations were sky high. But after each staffer took a first drive in the 2014 Mazda3, they came back with the same impression; what a great vehicle.


And that’s just it. It’s not that the Mazda3 is a great compact car; it is a great car period. The styling on the outside of either the sedan or hatchback looks attractive, elegant and upscale. Inside, the same theme continues with the luxury-car-like dial and knob controls between the front seats and tablet-looking display screen jutting up from the dashboard. The 3 offers all the latest safety technology and class exclusive items like head up display.

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Like all Mazda3s before it, this third generation is a blast to drive. The chassis is tight and the car loves to rotate through corners. With the upgraded engine, 184 hp is on tap through a six-speed automatic. Aside from niche segment sporty specials like the Honda Civic Si Sedan and Ford Focus ST, there isn’t a vehicle in this segment that is more fun to drive.


Unlike with previous generations, a large emphasis was put on the new making the new Mazda3 one of the most efficient in the segment. With official EPA fuel economy ratings of 30 mpg city and 41 mpg highway for the entry-level automatic-equipped car, not only is this one of the most efficient cars in the segment now, but the Mazda3 has improved an impressive six mpg city and 8 mpg highway compared to last year’s base model. Even with the larger 2.5 liter engine, the new 3 can achieve 37 mpg on the highway.

Versatility is another strong point for the Mazda3. Available in two body styles, with a choice of two engines and two transmissions, the Mazda3 can be optioned as an entry level fuel sipping economy car or a full loaded near-luxury compact. This versatility and wide price range make the Mazda3 accessible and relevant to a large number of consumers; more so than any other vehicle in our top five finalists.



Ultimately though, the Mazda3 became the clear winner when we considered the question: would we recommend each car as the choice within their respective market segments? The Impala, CTS and Mazda6 we agreed would be strong candidates, but each had a competitor or two that should be considered along with it. The CLA created a new segment without any direct rivals, but even then we found suitable traditional luxury competitors and upcoming rivals worth taking a look at. When it came to Mazda3, however, we unanimously agreed this would be the first model we’d recommend to any prospective customer shopping for a compact car.

Being the best car in any segment is quite an achievement, but being the best car in a market as competitive as the compact car segment is astounding and worthy of winning the 2014 Car of the Year Award. Congratulations Mazda!

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  • Bobby

    Probably a nice car to drive, but man oh man is that thing ugly. Hopefully Mazda doesn’t start competing with Nissan for the ugliest car of the year award.

  • Arturo Lopez

    Well, I believe it’s the sexiest car available under $20K. Heck, even $30K. When I saw the concept, I didn’t like it much, but It’s changed a bit and looks much better, especially considering last year’s model. And Nissan can’t possibly be thrown off it’s throne, with it’s new Versa Note.

  • mario Montenero

    what a sweet car, every since Ford unlatched it shared componenets and styling everything has been great.You see the design and style are from people who have worked for top dollar for european car manufactres and just like Ford Mazda is following the same bold concepts come to life. Thank you Ford for moving on.Making this market segment so competative.The difference is Mazda has soul, when compared to ToyLexus Nisnfiniti or KiaHyundai..So much Soul that this car is an embodiment of this.

  • Robby G

    I had no idea you could get a heads-up display on this car. Awesome!

  • Honest Abe

    Mark my works, this thing will overtake the Civic in sales in a few years time.

  • Fadil Mazrekaj

    Berymt Autos tekniesch Sport Geil farb

  • Shiratori1

    Keep telling yourself that, fanboy….

  • Alex

    Well…if it’s ugly… i wanna see your girlfriend …

  • Isaac Suarez

    Ugly? I’d like to hear what you consider a great looking car in that segment?

  • Brad Wunderlich

    I’ve never looked at Mazda till their great new models. I love the new look.

  • MistyGreen

    Let’s hope there are lots of people like you!

  • MistyGreen

    I’d love to believe you, but at the same time, part of the appeal of Mazda is its unique, non-mainstream focus on driver engagement. And Mazda has NOWHERE NEAR the production capacity as Honda. Even if their cars become just as desirable, they won’t sell as many as the Civic for at least 15 years.

  • Alfie

    I’m always amazed by people who haven’t discovered Mazda yet.

  • Brad Wunderlich

    I’m now officially a Mazda3 owner. It’s very fun to drive and looks good next to my 911.

  • Derk

    Obviously a man of good taste!

  • Brah Man

    You guys have such a broner for mazda.

  • Rotary fan

    And it’s triangle shaped!

  • H fan

    Makes me wish Honda would sell a hatchback here.

  • Tyler

    There is no higher honor than a 911 owner purchasing a Mazda3. Speaking of which, the Mazda3 was tuned at Laguna Seca with a 911 as a benchmark.

  • Hart

    Νnow Mazda needs to work on more power and less noise.

  • Foosa Noble

    I have had 3 Mazda 3’s a 2010 5 door a 2010 Speed 3 and a 2014 3 4door. Most likely I will have a 2015 speed 3. but only if Mazda improves the mileage and removes the requirement of premium fuel for the speed3. I was considering a focus ST for a hot second and just as quick I was at the Mazda dealer for my 2014.

  • Matt

    I, for one, hope the Mazda remains a distant third in sales. This is the only Japanese made compact you can still buy now that Suzuki is out of the North American market.

    I’d much rather they remain a little more obscure than have to ramp up production state-side (or worse… Mexico),