Mexican Automaker to Build Lambo-Based Supercar

Mexican Automaker to Build Lambo-Based Supercar

Automóviles Lamborghini Latinoamérica (ALL) based in Mexico is gearing up for production with a new facility opening up in Montevideo, Uruguay.

ALL is an independently-owned company that was granted the rights to use the Lamborghini name in the 1990s. As a result, ALL has secured the rights to import and sell Lamborghini vehicles from Italy in addition to all the merchandising featuring the Italian automaker’s brand.

According to the report, ALL will produce an all-new model from its plant that will be a locally-designed exotic built mainly for export markets. Sources indicate that it will be limited to just 24 units and will borrow its platform from Lamborghini while partially being constructed with carbon fiber. Each vehicle will be hand built in Uruguay.

ALL is most well known for the Lamborghini Coatl, a super car based on the Diablo. It was produced in Mexico roughly 10 years ago.

[Source: El Observador via Leftlane News]

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