Average Fuel Economy of 2012 Vehicles Hits 23.6 MPG

Average Fuel Economy of 2012 Vehicles Hits 23.6 MPG

The EPA has announced that the average mpg rating for model year 2012 vehicles was 23.6, marking an improvement of 1.2 miles per gallon over the previous year.. 

That also makes it the second largest year-over-year gain in the past 30 years according to the EPA. Things are only set to get better too, with the EPA predicting that the average mpg ratings for 2013 vehicles will jump up up to 24 mpg.

The calculations are based on adjusted mpg values that are closer to real-world numbers, rather than the official EPA estimates. The final 2013 model year numbers will be available early next year, though the EPA is already speculating on the results.

When it comes to the five full-line automakers, consisting of General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Nissan, Nissan is expected to surpass Toyota as the most fuel-efficient automaker in 2013. Toyota is expected to drop down to a 25.2 mpg average from its current 25.6 rating, while Nissan is estimated to improve its fleet mpg number to 25.3 up from 2012’s rating of 24.1.

Among the other major brands, Mazda, Honda and Volkswagen are all expected to post average fuel economy numbers of above 26 mpg in 2013.

The improvement in efficiency can be attributed to new fuel economy standards imposed by the U.S. government which demand that every automaker has an average fleet fuel economy rating of 54.5 mpg by the year 2025. To help get there, automakers are investing in new engine technologies that include diesel, turbocharging and hybrid systems.

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