Cadillac Exec Doesn’t Consider Lincoln a Competitor

Cadillac Exec Doesn’t Consider Lincoln a Competitor

Cadillac’s vice president of global design, Ed Wellburn, says that he doesn’t consider Lincoln to be a direct competitor to his brand. 

“They’re not a global luxury brand. I don’t consider them a competitor. Are they a competitor for Buick? Quite possibly. But not for Cadillac,” Wellburn told Car and Driver during the LA Auto Show.

Lincoln’s latest product, the MKC, is the second of four products that are supposed to reinvent the Lincoln brand, as the company tries to shrug off an image of simply selling spruced-up Fords.

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Cadillac was in a similar circumstance to Lincoln, gaining a reputation for simply re-badging GM products, but has managed to rebuild itself as a true luxury competitor to German auto brands. But Wellburn still believes that Cadillac needs more products. “I think Cadillac needs to be a full-line luxury brand. There are categories that we don’t participate in, presently, that we will in the future,” he said.

A Cadillac that is meant to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is one vehicle that the brand is looking into, evidenced by the Elmiraj Concept (seen above) that Cadillac showed off at Pebble Beach. “And we’re certainly looking at that [points to the Elmiraj] for production” he said. “But there’s a lot of other vehicles that we’re doing, some of which would be an even higher priority than this. I’m very interested in it. We’re very interested in bringing it to production, if possible.”

[Source: Car and Driver]

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    He’s right. They aren’t.

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    True – Cadillac has style… Lincoln has ‘strange’…