Cadillac Previews Autonomous Driving Technology

Cadillac Previews Autonomous Driving Technology

Cadillac has readied an SRX test vehicle that will preview the American automaker’s focus on self-driving cars.

Details of the test vehicle were unveiled as part of an announcement between GM and Carnegie Mellon University in renewing a five-year agreement. Both parties have agreed “to continue developing technologies that could allow future production vehicles to drive autonomously.”

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The SRX test vehicle features sensors seamlessly integrated into the body, which GM believes will be a key differentiator between vehicles being tested today and production models that will be self driven.

Most importantly, the Cadillac SRX test vehicle has similar looks to a run-of-the-mill car that you’d see sitting in a dealership showroom. Cadillac is out to prove that self-driving vehicles won’t have to be outfitted with an assortment of gadgets in order for the technology to work.

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