2013 COPO Camaro Recalled Over Roll-Away Concerns

2013 COPO Camaro Recalled Over Roll-Away Concerns

Chevrolet is recalling 59 model year 2013 COPO Camaros over concerns that the car’s park gear may fail, allowing the COPO Camaro to roll away. 

The COPO Camaro is a non-street legal car that is built with the intended purpose of being a drag racer, and is fitted with a high-performance Powerglide automatic transmission. The issues stems with the transmissions park gear, which is faulty and may allow the car to pop out of gear and subsequently roll away if parked on a hill.

NHTSA is overseeing this recall, a slightly strange move considering the government body is responsible for road safety, and this car is not even road legal. Even so, NHTSA will make sure that all 59 cars are brought in and fixed by Chevy.

Customers will be contacted by ATI Performance Products, the company responsible for the upgrades on the COPO Camaro, and will have their vehicles serviced at Chevrolet dealers, free of charge.


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