Custom Toyota Harriers Previewed for 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon

Custom Toyota Harriers Previewed for 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon

Toyota will be heading to the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon with a pair of custom Harrier SUVs, better known as the Lexus RX in North America.

In Japan, the Harrier received an update from Toyota and the Japanese automaker will show off how stylish the SUV can get into Tokyo early next year. The first custom is a Harrier Sportivo concept from Toyota Racing Development (TRD) and is based on the two-wheel-drive model. Accessories on the Sportivo concept include lowering springs, an aerodynamic body kit, new front grille, 18-inch wheels and a sports muffler.

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As for the other custom Harrier, the darker blue model is a Harrier Modellista concept and features a new front lip, side skirts and rear lip, 19-inch wheels, a tailgate spoiler, chrome kit, LED lighting and lowered suspension. It is likely that Toyota will offer those accessories in Japan.

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