Ferrari Details New Turbo-V6 F1 Engine in Video

Ferrari Details New Turbo-V6 F1 Engine in Video

Ferrari has revealed some details concerning its new F1 powerplant that will produce 600 hp and wind up to 15,000 rpm.

New regulations in Formula 1 racing demand that all entrants use turbocharged V6 engines with a displacement no bigger than 1.6 liters. Fuel use has also been capped at 100 liters per race, putting the focus squarely on efficiency.

To meet these demands, Ferrari will use two different energy recuperation systems to help improve efficiency and power. “Along with the turbocharger, there will be an electric motor, which will also act as a generator, allowing for the recovery of energy from the exhaust gasses,” said Luca Marmorini, Ferrari’s head of engines and electronics.

The second energy recuperation system is currently in use, deriving its power from the brakes. Combined, the 2014 energy recovery system will add about 160 hp to car, making it roughly ten times more powerful than last year.

Reliability is a new concern as well thanks to updated regulations that will see each driver use only five engines throughout the entirety of the F1 season. That is almost half of what was allowed in previous years, which means that each engine will have to last longer than ever before.

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