Five Ways the Ford Fusion is Better Than the Aston Martin Rapide S

Five Ways the Ford Fusion is Better Than the Aston Martin Rapide S

2. Superior In-Car Technology

MyFord Touch has been automotive journalism’s whipping boy since its introduction a few years ago. Sure, the infotainment technology has had more than its share of issues, from crashes (the software, not the vehicles) to random reboots to sluggish performance, but the software that’s out today is dramatically better than version one, and in my experience it’s just about trouble free.

With a little practice MyFord Touch is straightforward and easy to use. For instance, connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth is a snap. Overall it’s far better and much easier to comprehend than the steaming pile of feculence that passes for “technology” in the Rapide S.

The Aston treats passengers to a cumbersome infotainment system with an obtuse interface and pixilated display screens that look like they were ripped off a dollar store cash register. This has absolutely no place in a $218,000 super-sedan, much less a midsize four-door like the Fusion.


  • Kristina Forbes

    Am I really reading this?!?!?!
    Only a genius will compare these 2… WOW

  • GuidZilla

    Hey lets compare two totally different vehicles because their front ends look similar!

  • Alfie

    Are you even being sarcastic?

  • J.R.

    So when the American boys shamelessly appropriate without doing the hard design development work that lasts several long years to accomplish it is OK… but when the Chinese do the exact same thing we see the American boys foaming at their mouths with hate… Amusing hypocrites.

  • chavitz

    Too many to count: everything sold well in Walmart is to be copied by Walmart and then sold in Walmart’s brands, European cheeses brands are copied, ……

  • David

    I own a Rapide. The car is pure joy, pure energy. Not in the same universe as a Ford. I was saddened to see the design similarities, though.

  • Transpower

    I don’t like the horizontal grilles; I much prefer the waterfall, or vertical, grills, on previous models of Lincolns and Mercurys.

  • Glen

    Ford did do a nice job with this car, great that they had ownership of Aston Martin for a time so they could “borrow” the grill styling. Even though both cars have four wheels, four seats, similar grills, etc, they definitely are not similar cars. If you’re going to compare upkeep and depreciation, it should be as a percentage of the original cost (Ford might still win but if youre in the market for an Aston Martin, cost isn’t really a concern, is it?). Also, if some offered to give you the Aston or the Ford, which one would you take?

    Five reasons the Aston is better than the Ford are:
    1. It’s an Aston Martin.
    2. It’s a friggin ASTON Martin.
    3. Wow, did you see that? It’s an Aston Martin!
    4. Was that James Bond? Nice Aston Martin.
    5. Oh yea, did I say it yet? It’s an Aston Martin.

    Good article to get some interesting feedback though!

  • SomeGuy112

    Those grilles are nasty

  • Its still a FORD

    wat a stupid comparison!. The people that bought the fusion cause it look like an aston.
    Not cause it a ford fusion. Ford just want to build a poor man aston martin cause they own Aston martin. A ford is still a ford no matter it look like.

  • alexf

    Confortability, visibility, cheap, touch screen?

    Better for my mom.

  • Chris

    Legit worst comparison I have ever seen in my life. The only argument you had is the ford has a tiny bit comfier rear seats, better visibility by a little? And it is cheeper in starting cost and mpg. Now, when first reading this article(I do not no much about aston’s because they are alittle out of my price range) I assume the Aston was maybe their echo model that compared with cheeper cars. But by the end when I was reading stats, the cars are only similar in the fact that ford took the look, the Aston has a freekin 6l v12, and 550hp, compared to fusion 2L 4 cylinder producing 240 hp(ford tends to gives overrated hp so more like 200hp)? There is no comparison besides ford took astons look? How can one compare a 240(again more like 200) hp ford against a roaring v12 Aston, it’s like comparing a crysler 300 to a Bentley on looks? If you like the ford buy it but it will never be “better” than an Aston just because it looks like one lolll

  • Qovie

    Ford doesn’t own Aston martin, they owned a major stake for a brief few years but sold most of their shares about 7 years ago and maintain a tiny 1.2% stake. The grill is one aston martins have had since the early 60’s.

  • Mark Holloway

    Seems they owned enough for long enough to get away with legitimately ‘stealing’ some design cues without having to bother doing the work themselves ?

  • Qovie

    A legal battle against a huge car behemoth like Ford by small Aston Martin Lagonda would take several years and a lot of money, and they likely would lose if they sued Ford in the US, so I guess they figured it wasn’t worth it.

  • Rickii

    None of the models ford makes come in comparison with an Aston Martin, this article is manipulative and outrageous and it ignores the fact ford stole the design for Aston Martin! what an absolute example of disrespect and plagerism!

  • 24 Hours of Le Mans

    Why would you even compare a crappy Fusion to a high end Aston Martin. This is the most idiotic comparison I have ever saw.

  • KTB

    The guy who made this comparison is a moron.

  • Tim shi

    Are you kidding me? What kind of comparison is this? This is like comparing a hot blonde chick with a good rack to a chick who has braces and has pancake ass and chest.

    Someone give me the address of this guy so I can beat his face in person.

  • Bill

    I’ve driven both extensively, and the Fusion is no Aston, but amazingly Euro and a much better buy than the way overpriced Aston…

  • Bill

    The Fusion was designed by Ford Europe with a British Design Team…