Ford Dealers Stockpiling 2014 F-150s

Ford Dealers Stockpiling 2014 F-150s

With the upcoming launch of the 2015 Ford F-150, Ford dealers are clamoring to stock their showrooms with 2014 models, to make sure that there is no shortage of pickups. 

All of these extra order demands can be attributed to the coming shutdown of Ford’s Dearborn truck plant for retooling, that is expected to happen in early summer of 2014. Production of the current models will drop up to 10 percent next year because of the stoppages, leaving dealers without any new trucks to move.

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There is also a claim that the new F-150 may be delayed due to issues with its new aluminium construction, which may be a contributing factor in dealers decision to stock up on current F-150s.

In terms of overall production, Ford is expected to produce about 820,000 F-150s next year, down from the 897,000 that the company will build in 2013. To try and stem the shortage, Ford will produce both the 2014 and 2015 F-150 simultaneously. The new truck will be built at the Dearborn plant starting in mid-2014 while Ford’s truck plant in Kansas City will continue to build the current truck right to the end of 2014.

 [Source: Detroit News]

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