Gasoline Vehicles to Remain Dominant in 2040: Report

Gasoline Vehicles to Remain Dominant in 2040: Report

Gas-powered vehicles will remain dominant on the road in 2040 according to a report by the U.S. Energy Information Agency.

Despite hybrids and electric vehicles growing in popularity, the agency believes 78 percent of vehicles on the road in 2040 will still run on gasoline. Last year, 82 percent of the vehicles on U.S. roadways were powered by gas. In addition, the report states that diesel-powered vehicles will double by 2040 from two percent to four percent.

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Most importantly, it is believed that the average fuel economy of vehicles on the road in 2040 will be 37.2 mpg, up from the current 21.5 mpg. As for gasoline prices, the government may be a bit on the optimistic side. It believes that unleaded gasoline will cost $3.90 a gallon in 2040 while diesel will rise to $4.73 a gallon.

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  • rhiebert

    That means to me that there will a place for quality synthetic lubricants. Even petroleum based motor oils will improve, to be sure.

  • craig millett

    Who would believe such a self serving report? The world will be radically changed by then and the age of the car cult will be nearly over. Wake up Auto Guide readers and support transportation, not just cars.


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