GM Allowing More Dealers to Sell Corvettes

GM Allowing More Dealers to Sell Corvettes

General Motors has reneged its initial decision to restrict the number of Chevrolet stores allowed to sell Corvettes.

Initially, the company authorized 900 dealers to sell the new sports car based on their Corvette sales history in 2012. The decision irked some smaller stores that didn’t qualify but wanted to keep one in their showroom to attract customers, even if it was likely to sit for a long period without selling. The halo car tactic is nothing new in the automotive industry and one widely used by Chevrolet stores with past Corvette models.

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Now, General Motors is opening the door to its remaining 2,100 stores although they aren’t all expected to begin selling the Stingray. Perviously, dealers needed to have sold at least four Corvettes in 2012.

But being able to sell the C7 takes more than a raised hand. As is the case with other vehicles, General Motors requires staff training. In this case, the program involved traveling to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada for an event that costs $2,000 per participant and lasts a day and a half.

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