Honda Insight May be Axed Soon

Honda Insight May be Axed Soon

The Honda Insight might not be long for this world with decreasing sales and stiffer competition.

Through November 2013, the Insight has only sold 4,384 units in the U.S., a paltry figure compared to its 19,325 sales through November in 2010 when it was first introduced. Even worse is when you put it up against the more expensive Toyota Prius, which has moved 135,291 units through November this year. In fact, even the smaller Prius c, which is more of a competitor to the Insight, has sold 39,169 units this year.

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Rumor has it that the Japanese automaker isn’t doing its usual preparations for a 2015 Honda Insight, including advertising materials, potentially hinting that either the model is going through a major redesign or it’s getting the axe. Then there’s the cannibalization within Honda’s own model lineup, with the Civic Hybrid being a more attractive and popular offering and there’s even a Fit sedan on the way.

Of course, Honda wouldn’t comment on any rumors or speculation, but numbers don’t lie and the Insight’s sales figures through this year are depressing at best.

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