Jaguar 3 Series Rival Design Completed

Jaguar 3 Series Rival Design Completed

The design of Jaguar’s new BMW 3 Series fighter is finished according to design director Ian Callum, who revealed that the car will adopt established brand design cues rather than trying to introduce a new look. 

The trapezoidal grille design introduced on the F-type is a shoe-in for the new car, which will also adopt cues from the CX-17 concept (seen above). “This is not a time to start changing direction,” said Callum about the new small car. “We’ve established a beautiful design and we need to start using it on a family, and this will be part of the family.”

Codenamed the X760, the car is expected to debut in Paris as a concept before its full production debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Focus is being placed on driving dynamics to make sure that this new Jag will truly compete with the 3-Series, a car known for its handling dynamics. “When you drive the F-Type, you’ll know all the work the engineers have put in there to make sure [it] really is a bonified true sports car,” said then-North American CEO Andy Goss. “Realistically, the same type of process will have to apply to a 3 Series [competitor].”

[Source: Autocar]

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