Jaguar Thumbs Nose at Mercedes in Chicken Ad Parody

Jaguar Thumbs Nose at Mercedes in Chicken Ad Parody

It won’t be long until Jaguar offers a host of products designed to compete more directly with German luxury brands.

The company will release a compact sedan that will go toe-to-toe with BMW’s 3-Series and recent spy photos suggest that the brand is readying a crossover built on the same modular platform despite playing coy about production plans. Those and other models to be built on the new aluminum structure will help Jaguar increase its sales volume. While the vehicles will rely on both an engaging style and sharp driving dynamics to peel people away from the Germans.

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As if the new F-Type isn’t evidence enough of Jaguar’s intent to build dynamic vehicles, it just released an ad blatantly making fun of the “Magic Body Control” suspension in Mercedes’ new S-Class flagship.

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  • Michael Merrill Miller

    shots fired lol

  • Michael Rogers

    And who says that Brtits have no humor–or is it Germans?