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 |  Dec 09 2013, 9:02 AM


According to Jaguar design director Ian Callum, the XK will be the brand’s last model to feature its signature oval grille.

Future models from Jaguar will now sport a trapezoidal-shaped grille, similar to the one found on the British automaker’s F-Type sports car. And speaking of the XK, Callum confirmed that the brand is looking closely at the model to determine its future, mentioning that ” a direction change is a valid question.” With the F-Type now in Jaguar’s lineup, the XK “will have a different job to do,” according to Callum.

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Previous rumors suggest that the XK will go upmarket as a larger and more luxurious GT model so that the F-Type can sit as the brand’s sporty offering. Callum also elaborated that the oval grille was under consideration for the F-Type, but the design director wanted the model to represent a new era for the brand. As a result, the F-Type’s grille was inspired by the original Jaguar XJ.

GALLERY: 2013 Jaguar XK Touring


[Source: Autocar]

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