Jeep Hybrids Under Consideration

Jeep Hybrids Under Consideration

As emission standards get stricter, even Jeep is considering hybrid powertrains for its iconic SUVs.

The American automaker sees the benefits that electric motors can provide its SUVs, especially how the instant torque they offer can bolster Jeep’s appeal to off-roaders. The company is currently looking into ways on how it can integrate a hybrid powertrain to its models, specifically for four-wheel-drive applications.

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In a recent interview with Drive, Chrysler’s Asia-Pacific product planning manager, Steve Bartoli, elaborated on how Chrysler is looking into hybrid powertrains for its Jeep brand. Most importantly however, Jeep wants to make sure the vehicles can still “get you home,” meaning that the electric motors and range of battery packs can last in harsh conditions.

“These are very complex and expensive systems, not just for us to develop but also for the consumers,” said Bartoli. “Not only that, but range is a very important issue and we need to make sure how we can fit that into our systems because you don’t want to be stuck in a creek in an electric Jeep that is going nowhere.”

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  • John Hudak

    Hmmm, seems like toyota figured it out….Went on a 150 mile road trip in a hybrid Highlander…got 32 MPG. I am sure there are tradeoffs, but….it has been 10+ years since hybrid idea floating around, and from what I read, Jeep/Chrysler/Diamler/Fiat have given very little thought about making a hybrid. They are severely lagging in this technology, and I am concerned that if they decide to make one, they will just ‘throw it together,’ foist it on the public to work out the kinks for 3-4 years, have a lousy product, and if they decide to stick with it, may get it ‘right’ by 2020 (if they are around that long…)