Lexus to Debut Production LF-NX to Bow at Geneva

Lexus to Debut Production LF-NX to Bow at Geneva

One of the most important upcoming product for the Lexus brand will debut early next year during the Geneva Motor Show according to a new report.

The Toyota luxury division will offer a hybrid and turbocharged gasoline version of the RAV4-based Lexus NX small crossover. It’s striking styling will also remain generally intact according to Paul Van der Burgh, the brand’s European director. Of course, the headlights and side mirrors will have to change. Its sharp angles will probably take on a slightly smoother look and the grille probably won’t be quite as imposing.

The company first showed its LF-NX concept during the Frankfurt Motor Show last September with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine mated to a hybrid drivetrain. That’s the same as found in the IS300h, but there will also be a version offered with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder meant to replace the outdated 2.5-liter V6 being used in current Lexus products.

A compact crossover will usher Lexus into a segment it hasn’t played in yet, opening the door for increased global sales volume, although the company hasn’t said anything about targets in the U.S. so far. Both in North American and Europe, the compact crossover segment is growing rapidly and will offer Lexus the opportunity to attract new buyers.

GALLERY: Lexus LF-NX Turbo Concept Live Shots


[Source: AutoExpress]

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