Mazda Named Most Fuel Efficient Automaker for 3rd Straight Year

Mazda Named Most Fuel Efficient Automaker for 3rd Straight Year

Mazda‘s fleet-wide fuel economy and emissions output has taken top honors for the third year in a row.

According to preliminary statistics from the EPA, Mazda’s adjusted fuel economy for 2013 is 27.5 mpg, half-a-point ahead of Honda’s 27 mpg. Toyota is in third place with an average mpg of 25.2.

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What makes it impressive is the fact that Mazda doesn’t offer any hybrid or electric vehicles in its lineup, but it’s worth noting the Japanese automaker only has 12 models to offer – a third of what Toyota has. Regardless, Mazda’s SkyActiv technology has really benefited the Japanese automaker, especially now with its clean diesel offerings. According to Mazda, 75 percent of Mazda’s sales are now SkyActiv-equipped vehicles.

Hyundai and Kia are not part of the list however, due to uncertainties with an ongoing EPA investigation into the Korean automakers’ fuel efficiency claims. Mazda could be dethroned depending on how that investigation pans out.

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  • burningwar

    –Mazda’s skyactiv has finally proven their belief: they can meet upcoming MPG standards without hybrids in the US.
    –Between Honda and Toyota, I think Toyota’s MPG average is more impressive, given their full lineup (and undoubtably the hit from all of those V8 trucks, SUVs, and Lexus cars).
    –Honda is inexcuseable, given how they aren’t a full lineup manufacture, have several dedicated hybrids, and have no big engines – a 3.7L V6 is their largest engine, and it’s about to be axed in favor of a 3.5L DI V6.

  • Robbie Fitzgerald

    Ive found comparing the Mazda 3 to the Corolla, the Corolla is pretty much on par, given the difference in tank size.