McLaren Working on Windshields Without Wiper Blades

McLaren Working on Windshields Without Wiper Blades

McLaren is looking to buck decades of automotive tradition by coming up with a new windshield that won’t need wipers.

McLaren’s proposal is a concept that utilizes ultrasound waves to micro-shake loose debris from the windshield. The windshield would have an ultrasonic inducer on its surface that would emit high-frequency ultrasound waves to prevent anything from sticking onto it. It’s a technology adapted from fighter jets that McLaren is developing to improve aerodynamics and fuel economy.

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While the notion of fuel savings measures in a car like the MP4-12C might seem sort of batty, aerodynamic enhancements make sense. Getting rid of the wipers on McLaren’s sports cars would make the car more capable of cutting through the air at high speeds.

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[Source: Sunday Times]

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