Mercedes Boosting S-Class Production on High Demand

Mercedes Boosting S-Class Production on High Demand

Mercedes-Benz is boosting production numbers of its new S-Class based on high customer demand. 

“In order to satisfy all customer wishes, the Mercedes-Benz plants have introduced numerous special shifts,” Mercedes announced on Tuesday. At the Sindelfingen plant where the S-Class is produced,  four Saturday shifts were introduced along with a work day extension of 30 minutes. For 2014, work days will be extended an additional 74 minutes.

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It’s not only the S-Class that is getting a boost, as Mercedes is also going to introduce ten special shifts in November and December at the Bremen plant that produces the C-Class and GLK. At its Untertürkheim powertrain plant, employees have worked special shifts every single weekend this year to meet demand.

An investment into its Tuscaloosa location is also in the cards, and will total around $2.4 billion. It is primarily to prepare for the new C-Class, but it will also contribute to a completely new Mercedes-Benz model that will start production in 2015 as the fifth product at the location.

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