Mercedes C-Class Taillight Probe Upgraded

Mercedes C-Class Taillight Probe Upgraded

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has upgraded its probe on the 2008-2011 Mercedes-Benz C-Class to an engineering analysis due to a rear tail light failure.

A total of 252,867 C-Class vehicles could be impacted by the probe, which is investigating the rear tail lights and its potential for failure due to an overheated electrical connector. In some reported cases, the overheated connector has resulted in melting, smoke or fire.

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A preliminary evaluation was opened in July by NHTSA after the agency received 21 reports of rear tail light failures on the C-Class due to the melted electrical connector. According to the German automaker, the overheating of the ground wire was caused by corrosion between the connectors in the ground circuit to the tail light.

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