Mercedes Sets New Sales Record for Third Straight Year

Mercedes Sets New Sales Record for Third Straight Year

Mercedes-Benz is expected to set a new production and sales record this year, its third year in a row for new records.

The German automaker will close off the year producing 1.49-million vehicles and sales will top 1.4 million worldwide. Helping give Mercedes another record year is the all-new CLA with over 12,000 units sold in just four months on the market. Demand for the new S-Class also accelerated Mercedes-Benz’s sales this year, becoming the best-selling luxury sedan in the world.

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To handle all the demand, the automaker’s plant in Sindelfingen, Germany had to ramp up to full production with a two-shift operation. The plant is currently producing around 460 vehicles per day, its highest output ever for the S-Class.

Mercedes plans to continue investing into its plants with one site to handle the expected demand for the new C-Class. It will also continue to focus on China, where more than half of all S-Class sedans are sold. The company has opened 75 new dealerships in the country, 36 of which are in cities where the brand had not been represented before.

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[Source: The Detroit Bureau]

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