Merry Christmas from

Merry Christmas from

It’s been quite a year here in the automotive world. The industry saw Mercedes begin offering the first-ever AMG product with a four-cylinder engine, a new Corvette was born and we kissed Coda goodbye long before anyone really said hello. Fisker flopped and General Motors welcomed Mary Barra as its next CEO.  

Former Ram truck boss Fred Diaz jumped ship for Nissan, of all brands, signaling that the next Titan might have a fighting chance at stacking up to behemoths from Ford, General Motors and Ram.
Toyota built a “new” Tundra with the same engine as before and Dramatic Chipmunk was the only one who seemed surprised.
Speaking of trucks, General Motors unveiled a new engine line along with SUVs and pickups to use them. The world saw a new Escalade from Cadillac as well as that brand’s first range-extended electric car: the ELR.
Infiniti stripped the badge off each of its vehicles, threw them in a “Jack LaLanne” juicer and came up with a more homogeneous naming structure.
Mercedes introduced a new S-Class flagship and explained the car’s “Magic Body Control” by playing with a chicken. Jaguar did not approve…
Some of the craziest supercars the world has ever seen debuted this year.  The Porsche 918 Spyder set a shocking lap time at the Nurburgring and McLaren said it might have, too. Ferrari continued to blow raspberries at every brand that ever bothered to come up with an exciting car name.
We’re lucky enough to have spent the year telling you about all this and much more. So from us to you, merry Christmas.
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