Michael Schumacher Suffers Head Injury in Ski Accident

Michael Schumacher Suffers Head Injury in Ski Accident

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has suffered a head injury in a skiing accident and has been transported to a hospital in Grenoble, France.

Schumacher was skiing in the Alps resort of Meribel when the accident occurred that caused the 44-year-old driver to hit his head on a rock. Schumacher was wearing a helmet when the accident happened and according to initial reports was conscious afterwards.

According to early reports, Schumacher suffered a “relatively serious” head injury but his life is not in danger.

“We ask for understanding that we cannot give running updates on his condition. He wore a helmet and was not alone,” said Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm.

Schumacher is the most successful F1 driver of all time with a record 91 victories and seven World Championships.

Four years ago he suffered both head and neck injuries in a motorcycle accident in Spain.

UPDATE: According to a statement released by the University Hospital Center of Grenoble (the hospital where he was admitted), Schumacher was in a coma when he arrived. He underwent emergency brain surgery and is currently in a coma.

[Source: USA Today]

  • Nathan Freedenberg

    Ford has done a great job with this Mustang. So many variants to support every budget and almost every desire for speed. I’m looking forward to seeing what they bring us for the Mustangs 50th in 2014! 

  • Dmbc

    this car sucks!!!!! RUSTANG

  • James Murray

    The back looks great, the grill looks retarded.

  • shut up homo

  • SammyT…

    the brakes can be upgraded to the 14″ brembos…still the stock brakes are still very good…

  • Stackattack0416

    corvette Zr1 would blow it away 🙂 

  • Tony Porretta

    Best car in its class without a doubt, and the best looking Mustang in a long time. I’m hoping they don’t take it in that Euro direction all the renderings are suggesting for the next generation…

  • Ahh the Ford Mustang is a classic that just keeps getting better and better. 420-HP is killer and the track apps has me sold. This is a real unique approach and makes the driving experience fun. Ford did an awesome job with the 2013 model.

  • lostjuan

    “With a route along some very twisty, wet roads with no guardrails and steep drops (sometimes on both sides)” where the heck were you guys. In the Andes? I didn’t know they still had roads like that in the US?. I sat in a boss302 just the other day and remarked: they sure don’t sell these because of the interiors!!

  • Xcsc

    too bad ford is redesigning the mustang. morons….

  • Mwl1322

    Bring your ZR1and watch my Ford GT slit it’s throat!
    ZR1is nice but in a race with the Beast it will come in last.

  • TruePatriot

    Im so close to punching the ticket on this iconic car…I really dig the new 5.0 13, but the only hesitaiton I have is the redesign coming in 14-15.  

  • TruePatriot

    Oh yeah, I really wish they wouldn’t review the “gotta have it green car”  it has to be the ugliest color I have ever seen

  • RichardsDaddy

    I would definitely get this with a six-speed, but I understand why some people opt for slushboxes. Traffic where I live is horrendous, and people with manual trannies can go through clutches like water in the desert. Take care of it, though, and it shouldn’t be an issue. Some people also want gobs of power but don’t know the first thing about driving “stick.” It used to be a manual transmission yielded way better mileage, but the figures I see in magazines and factory specs these days show a trend in the other direction.

    Interestingly, many early Mustangs have automatics, like my brother-in-law’s ’69 Mach 1 and my father-in-law’s ’70 GT. My dad drove many of these older Mustangs when he worked at a dealership as a younger man; he told me the reason behind the bounty of automatics is the V8s revved very high, and drivers often missed shifts. Honestly, I’d still take my chances with a four-on-the-floor in my dream GT 390.

    I didn’t think I’d ever like any car in neon green, but I gotta say the 5.0 looks hot in that dress.

  • RichardsDaddy

    To be fair, comparing a Mustang 5.0 to a Corvette ZR-1, particularly a ’12 ZR-1, is like comparing a .38 snubnose to an English 4-gauge. The 5.0 and a base Corvette is a fairer fight, a 5.0 and a Camaro SS fairer still.

  • Gf2

    agreed….I ordered a candy apple red V6 convertible……drool

  • Tyechaney

    that car rocks i am at kirstenhof primary school

  • Gcaymandiver

    “So is the new Mustang perfect? No, not quite. Despite the improvements, we still wish it had better brakes”…….

    I’d like to hear how the GT with Track Package which includes Brembo’s fares.

  • Mickle_pickle78

    The new mustangs are awesome a lot of horsepower for not much $ and if you compare it to the new corvette or camaro it still comes close or if you want to beat them get the new Shelby gt 500 stock with 650 hp 1/4 mile in 11.6 sec

  • Mitchell Karasek

    Dont know if yall know but if u just pull the automatic sttaight back and dont touch it its called sport mode and it runs the transmission in a race mode full out rpms and everything. Any manual car would would never match up with the technology put in the automatic sport mode. And i would know i have one

  • Mitchell Karasek

    Also when u pull it back dont select a gear dont touch Anything let it do its job.



  • Avengedsevenfold900

    Test drove a 2013 5.0 today and loved it working the numbers now as im trading in my 07 GT. Cant wait to put exhaust and CAI on the new one its gonna run and sound great

  • Knuckles Mutatis

    Great car for the money. I’m also looking forward to the next-gen model (hope it looks good…modern is good, but like most others, I require sexy CURVES). Also, though already leaner than its bloated American competition, it would be really impressive seeing Ford bring the next Mustang in at less than 3,200 lbs (I know that is not an easy task for a modern vehicle in this class/top speed/price range), and even a bit more hp out of the same displacement.

  • Todd

    I have had my 13 GT for just about a year now. I can see why automatics are chosen. This 6 speed has a lot to be desired. The clutch is clunky also. It reminds me of when I drove an early 80’s Citation. I miss my slower 95 GT at times. I have the 3.73 gears and I think the 6 speed doesn’t work well with this option. To me, a 5 speed seems better fitted. The first two gears could be consolidated and the others adjusted. I know that the 6 speed does well for gas mileage which is why it was probably installed. To me, the car just doesn’t have the grunt power on the low end. Rev it up though and it’s scary fast. Exciting to say the least. There are other annoying traits to this newer model. I highly suggest you do many test drives before buying. I wish I had done this.–Todd

  • Jeff

    I hope nothing serious is wrong. I remember I used to love watching Michael race for Ferrari when I was little. Now I cheer for any car not red in colour.