Michelin Issues Recall on 1.2M Tires in the US

Michelin Issues Recall on 1.2M Tires in the US

Michelin North America has issued a recall on 1.2 million tires in the U.S., some of which were used as original equipment on Ford‘s full-sized vans.

According to Michelin, it has found a “tread/belt endurance” problem through warranty claims and 20 claims from consumers seeking reimbursement for damage to their vehicles. Essentially, the tread could come apart on the affected tires which were designed for “commercial light trucks, full-sized heavy duty vans, small recreational vehicles and some large pickup trucks.”

No injuries related to the recall have been reported and it appears that the 2010-2013 Ford E-Series van used the tires as factory equipment. The affected tire model is LTX M/S and size is LT225/75R16 115/112R LRE. Michelin will be contacting owners by early January with instructions on how to obtain replacement tires and to be reimbursed.

  • lauralouise90

    This has got to suck for Michelin – it’s quite a big recall too. Hopefully nobody experienced the tread issue and they caught it before it was too late.