Nissan Leaf Owner Drives Past 100,000 Mile Mark

Nissan Leaf Owner Drives Past 100,000 Mile Mark

Steve Marsh, a Nissan Leaf owner in Washington, has racked up 100,000 all-electric miles in the Japanese electric car. 

The milestone was celebrated with Washington Governor Jay Inslee, state Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson and representatives from Nissan. Marsh purchased his Nissan Leaf in early 2011 for his 130-mile roundtrip daily commute and drove 100,000 miles in less than three years.

“While many early buyers were excited to buy a Leaf for environmental reasons or to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, Steve Marsh is a prime example of consumers who approach electric cars with a practical mindset,” said Nissan electric vehicle marketing boss Erik Gottfried.

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According to Marsh, he’s saved over $9,000 compared to his old gas-powered car and credits Washington’s strong charging infrastructure to make his daily commute possible. When Marsh first purchased his Leaf, he approached his employer to consider installing a charging unit for public use. The company has since installed an additional station.

“Most buyers now choose [the] Leaf for the simple economics that Steve recognized right away,” Gottfried said. Washington is one of the highest-ranking states for clean, inexpensive electricity and has over 5,000 plug-in electric vehicles registered.

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