Nissan Sued by Former Partner Over BladeGlider Concept

Nissan Sued by Former Partner Over BladeGlider Concept

Nissan showed the BladeGlider Concept at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show with claims that the car’s inspiration is a swept-wing aircraft, though Nissan’s former partner Delta Wing Project 56 disagrees. 

They claim that the BladeGlider Concept’s design is a replica of the Delta Wing Concept car, which made its racing debut last year using Nissan engines for power. The lawsuit is seeking a cease-and-desist order that would stop Nissan from selling, racing or even displaying concept cars with that same wedge shaped design.

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The man behind the Delta Wing race car was Ben Bowlby, the same man who Nissan hired on as its director of motorsport innovation after the company’s partnership with Delta Wing had ended. Bowlby also designed Nissan’s new ZEOD RC race car, which shares a similar design to both the Delta Wing and BladeGlider Concept.

The owner of Delta Wing Project 56, Dan Panoz, thinks that this design will inspire a new generation of street legal cars, and for that reason he wants to protect that design shape. “Everybody else in the market would be open to that kind of design,” he told Automotive News. “And what do automobile companies do? They see something that’s taking off and they want to mimic it, don’t they?”

Nissan confirmed his theory when the company’s global product planning cheif Andy Palmer admitted that the BladeGlider is more than just a concept, saying “this will be a production car.”

Check out the two galleries below to see the similarities between the two cars.

GALLERY: Nissan BladeGlider


ALLERY: Nissan DeltaWing


[Source: Automotive News]

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