Porsche LMP1 Car gets Four-Cylinder Hybrid Power

Porsche LMP1 Car gets Four-Cylinder Hybrid Power

Porsche has concluded 2013 testing of its new LMP1 car that will debut next year, and the brand has confirmed that the race car will be powered by a four-cylinder motor.

The engine is a direct injection unit, and it is paired with two energy recuperation systems. The driver can choose when to use the stored electrical power, which is applied to the front axle through an electric motor, though there are rules that limit the amount of boost used per lap.

Porsche’s newest team driver, Mark Webber, conducted the tests for the brand, which mainly consisted of suspension and tire tests. Webber is still under contract with his previous race team, Red Bull, though they gave him a green light to begin testing with Porsche. “My first day in this fascinating project was an intense experience for me. I would like to thank Red Bull Racing for giving me the chance to join the project so early,” said Webber.

Porsche’s new LMP1 car will compete in WEC as well as at 24 Hours of Le Mans.

  • Mitch

    I own a 2010 chrysler 300 limited.Its horrible, worst car ive ever driven. Sounds like a childrens toy. Have had many problems and i have only owned the stupid thing for 8 months, after refusing to drive it for 4 of them.

    -Going from park-drive makes a “normal” solenoid ratcheting noise that sounds like a terrible transmission grind.

    -Just even a little more pressure on the gas pedal than needed and this car will ramp up to 4-5k rpms and stay there for 1-2 seconds even after taking your foot off the pedal for a few seconds. Took it to the dealership and this is also “normal” because apparently all chrysler 300s have a slow downshift in their transmissions. I have never heard a car sound so bad.

    -Bought it used Feb 1st 2012 from the “Go Auto” group in my city that sell the car with a full end to end pre-inspection checkup. Greatwest Chrysler. Horrible horrible horrible service and they tried to screw me on my deal 4 times by upping the final price of the car $3000 before taxes.

    -Cannot open the trunk while the car is running. So if youre in the great white north like me, youre screwed if you need to heat your car and load it at the same time. 

    -Low tire pressure warning turned on once, then stayed off until even after the tire was flat. Second time around it stayed on until it was flat. Third time around it stayed off, and fourth time around it stayed on.

    -ABS and traction control are VERY sensitive. I cant press on the brakes in winter without the ABS kicking in. I can control my 87 cadillac with no ABS better than I can control this car in the winter. 

    -Slipped and hit my hand on the door above the drivers window. Didnt even hit it that hard and there is now a dent in my door where I hit my hand. Oh yeah I feel VERY safe in this car.

    -Had to put on the spare tire last night. Its making a very loud grinding noise when it spins even though its put on correctly. 

    -Touch screen for music is absolutely retarded. VERY slow and unresponsive. Its faster for me to take my ipod out, change the song, and plug it back in than use the car controls. When navigating through music on the cars touch screen, you can press a button once, the sound will come out, but nothing happens. Press it again, and it will move twice. Extremely annoying. If you have a lot of music (say around 16gb+), it will take you forever to get through the whole list. Using the “A-Z” search only lets you use the first letter of the name, making you scroll through the rest of the “B’s” to find the song/band you want. 

    -Voice control does barely anything useful and is a pain to try and call someone with. Ill try and call my girlfriend with the bluetooth and instead of “Brittany” it comes up with “313” almost every time.

    -Ive blown all of my speakers twice now. Never turned all the way up. The bass sounds like crap and  makes the panel between the seats and the rear window vibrate. 

    -A sharp corner under the drivers seat pierced a can of pop that was in the back seat. Try and stop a spewing can of pop behind your seat while you’re driving on the highway – its pretty hard. Still have the stains on my ceiling. 

    -Top left corner of the drivers door panel just popped out one day. No reason, just came out.

    PROS: Quiet and sounds okay while not moving. Big trunk and interior. Door lock still worked after door panel came out.
    CONS: Piece of crap. 
    Depreciated $6000-8000 in 8 months. 

    I would never recommend buying this car to anyone. Its not even enjoyable to drive.

  • Jason

    Mitch you are a dirty vagina,you have problems,but your problem is not the car, it’s you. reason being for my coment is that I am on the second chrysler 300, best car ever. I’ve been a chevy owner for a while and its all about the maintainace of the vehicle. I am ASE certifide for gm and I attended UTI for my auto technical knowledge. I do know what I am talking about you got a lemon, the car was just not well cared for and you were the succer that got the dirty lollypop and now your reaction is that lollypops are bad.Before you buy anything do your home work, don’t let anyone sell you anything that you know nothing about then they aren’t the ones to to be called the dummies because they got your money.focous more energy on thought and not anger. check it the 300 has one of the most advanced power plant for an engine. I have a 2010 with the hemi I race not on the steets at the track I have a stock 300 that droped a couple BMWs and a few Honda or ricers what every on else calls them. I drive this car to work everyday I change my oil at 2500 not 3000 it too was used when I got it. Just go test drive one from the lot you’ll see what I;m talking about.