One Insurance Claim Can Raise Rates by 67%: Report

One Insurance Claim Can Raise Rates by 67%: Report

A single claim on your auto insurance policy can increase your rates by up to 67 percent depending on where you live.

A report from used a hypothetical 45-year-old employed female driver with an excellent credit score, no lapse in coverage and has filed no prior claims to determine how much an annual premium could rise after filing one of three different types of claims: bodily injury, property damage and comprehensive.

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Rate increases varied widely by state with Massachusetts seeing a 67-percent increase as a result of filing any claim of $2,000 or more. On average, insurance premiums will rise 38 percent after a claim with Maryland posting the lowest increase at 20 percent.

A property damage claim of $2,000 or more could see insurance rates rise as much as 73 percent in Massachusetts while Connecticut drivers will see on average a 22-percent increase.

States with the highest increase in insurance rates following a claim include California, Arizona, Washington, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Meanwhile states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Wyoming saw the lowest increases.

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