Top 10 Automotive News Stories of 2013

Top 10 Automotive News Stories of 2013

4. Ford's MPG Mulligan

Last year, Hyundai and Kia had to eat crow when they misreported fuel-economy figures. This year Ford is feasting on raven. The Blue Oval brand got into a whole mess of hot water with its C-Max and Fusion Hybrid models for overstating the fuel economy of these vehicles.

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Supposedly the C-Max would deliver 47 miles per gallon, but in the real world that didn’t happen. The situation spurred controversy and started lawsuits as consumers consistently fell short of that figure.

As a result of this ongoing brouhaha the company revised its mileage estimates for the C-Max, reducing them by around 10 percent. Now the car stickers at 45 MPG city and 40 highway, with a more reasonable combined score of 43 miles per gallon. To date, the Fusion Hybrid still stickers at triple 47.

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    How about “IIHS’s small overlap test wreaks havoc on Toyota”? That was pretty funny. Not sure if that technically happened last year though.