Top 10 Cars of the 2013 Festivals of Speed: Orlando

Top 10 Cars of the 2013 Festivals of Speed: Orlando

7. Panoz Roadster

This is what the Plymouth Prowler would look like if it wasn’t a rolling piece of trash. With its open front wheels, lack of a roof and V8 power, the American-build exotic is scarce to say the least. The Panoz Roadster might be the ultimate rich guy rebellion car. It only came with a five-speed manual and had no provision for a roof, tonneau cover or really anything aside from the minimum equipment to make it street legal.

This particular car is upholstered in what looks like ostrich leather; a favorite among the Texan cowboy boot crowd. Yeehaw.

  • Alfie

    so hot! The cars…. yes… the cars.

  • Jones

    So apparently being Farrah Fawcett’s daughter isn’t any guarantee of a good job…

  • Racer

    These were not the cars that won the events, the winners received awards and it was not theses


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