Top 10 Concept Cars of 2013

Top 10 Concept Cars of 2013

4. ItalDesign Giugiaro Parcour

Someone in Italy may have had a bit too much vino when the idea was created for a Lamborghini that could enter the Dakar Rally. Looking like Mad Max’s stylish weekend car, the Parcour is everything a concept should be; exotic, unexpected, awesome and ludicrous in the best possible way.

This car was so bad ass that Audi made their own version, the Nanuk Quattro, with R8 styling. No word if the Parcour is able to backflip from balcony to balcony or climb a wall in three spin-jumps or less.

  • Shiratori1

    Yeah, you can stop trolling with regards to CVT now……….

  • yo

    audi really needs a new design direction. its not 1993 anymore

  • Bruno Bezerra

    Nice car!.