Top 10 New Vehicles with the Worst Value

Top 10 New Vehicles with the Worst Value

Luxury Cars: BMW 750Li

Perhaps surprising to some, the BMW 750Li offers the worst value in the luxury cars category. The German automaker’s flagship sedan boasts a starting price of $88,225 with a turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine under the hood mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Though it provides 445 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque, it only turns in 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. The 750Li also has one of the worst predicted-reliability scores according to Consumer Reports. Of course if you’re in the market for a BMW 750Li, value might not exactly be your most concerning factor.

  • this is stupid. There’s liittle or no explanation of why these are on your hit list – what makes them such poor values. Just a hit piece

  • wilson

    The consumer reports may know a little of appliances, but they are a bunch of idiots when talking about vehicle. Ford F 250 cost less than Chevrolet Silverado or Dodge Ram and holds it resale value better than them. Same with the Escape. This magazine think that we are idiots. Who’s paying them to do that?

  • Chris

    These ratings seem to be all about depreciation and mileage. Yes, buy a sports car you get crappy mileage but more power. Need to haul big loads you need a big truck with a big engine. The beetle is a throwback car…not very aerodynamic but powered much higher than the air cooled 33 1/3 hp ones.

  • Abdoozy

    Statements like “although it has 450 horsepower, it only gets 25 mpg” are absurd. I don’t see anyone making a high performance car with high mileage, outside of Tesla, and that’s not exactly a value brand.

  • 161

    It’s not a hit piece, it’s about cost of ownership. They’re not lying, and they’re not being stupid. Your automotive values may lie somewhere besides COO (mine do – I have an M3 and a Ram 3500 dually) but this is good info for people who do care about such things.

  • Ford F-350 Man

    On the F-250, they have two things wrong… No. 1, the truck in the picture is not a Lariat… It’s the Platinum model, that’s two models higher then the Lariat, some one must be blind… No. 2, “Unfortunately, those looking for a (Super Duty) truck may not have a lot of options on the market,”, news flash people, that is a Ford Super Duty…

    Technically the class of the F-250 – F-350 “HD” trucks is LT, or light duty truck. GM and Chrysler decided to call there’s HD heavy duty trucks, and Ford decided to call there HD trucks Super Duty to be different from the rest… Ford (and only Ford) named there trucks Super Duty in 1998… Come on people, verify things first before you publish it…

    Here’s an example of the eight different classes…
    LT is a Ranger and F-150 – F-350 Classes 1-3
    MD (medium duty) is an F-450 – F-650 Classes 4-6
    HD is the F-750 and the old Ford L-Series (L9000 or LTL9000) Classes 7-8

  • Grammar Police

    Come on ‘Ford F-350 Kid’, Kid because that’s how you sound with YOUR horrible grammar. YOUR use of THERE, when THEIR is the correct form to be used, makes your comment almost impossible to comprehend the first time. At least your comma placements seem to be correct. SMH

  • Brickman

    Stupid list. Jeep Wranglers hold their value well and some people actually use it as intended. Not a mall crawler. Go drive an explorer.

  • Alex Morgan

    Nissan makes ugly fact most japanese makers fail to understand how a butiful car should look like..their arrogance does not allow them to hire some Italian designer to teach them good taste. No wonder Eoropean cars are winning now…goodbye japo,s….soon you will close the car factory and bck to ur jobs selling sushi and Samurai swords:)

  • mrtwobit

    The fact that the author shows no direct comparisons, leaves this article in the category of ‘opinion’.

  • Tyler

    I wouldn’t own a ford if you gave me one. I would own a chevy or a dodge any day. The ford diesels are total garbage. Seen so many fords break down. Any truck that you have to take the entire cab off to change the head gasket is junk.

  • Wilson Baird

    Well, you can have any opinion, but I had two dodge diesels that I purchased new and traded because with 22k had to do brakes on booth and with 37K (just out of guarantee) booth had leaking on evaporator! I still have a 2007 GMC LBZ and even if it’s a good truck, I had to take to the dealer many many times. About Fords? Well, i still have a 2002 7.3 that I drove for 105K with no problem whatsoever! We had an 2003 6.0 we drove for 305K and sold it running. And the 6.0 you take the cab off if you want to. Also we have a 2000 F150 with 230K that we abused and abused. Also, we had five Tundras and we traded all. Bottom line Ford must be doing something well, because Ford alone sales more trucks diesels than Chevy and Dodge together. In my humble opinion, after all those years, if you want to buy a leisure truck you can get anything, but if you are going to work, has to be Ford. Dodge as second option, but with extend guarantee up to 100k bumper to bumper

  • Tyler

    I wasn’t saying older fords are junk. I know someone who has 750k on his ’86 ford and it’s still running. They seem to be a pretty good truck but the new power strokes are terrible. I know a few people who had newer fords and traded them in for either a chevy or a dodge. I have 3 dodge ram cummins diesels and my father has one and they have never given me or him any problems 200k, 180k, 170k, and 64k on the four of them. My father tows stuck cement trucks and 20,000 lb trailers and has never broken anything. And everyone I’ve ever met who has a chevy love the truck. The reason ford sells so many trucks is because of the price tag (you get what you pay for).


    Wanna have fun? BUY A JEEP WRANGLER!!! You’ll never go back.


    I love my 2013 jeep wrangler oscar mike edition. Completely decked out. Holds value, rides great and fun in the boatloads. How can someone just put wrangler on here with no points. Sounds like opinion, jeep sold record number last year there is a reason they are awsome..

  • Dominika Malotti

    Right on!!!

  • RussJ

    After the first page, I was already at the point that this article is nothing but tripe. ” but over five years its depreciation is worse than the average car in its category and its cost to maintain certainly gives it poor value”

    Yeah. After all, the new beetle with a 2.5L has so much in common with the MKIV based, 2.0L old engine and overall inferior and dated end of the last generation of beetle.

    That is like saying, the CTS-V Caddy isn’t worth anything because the early Catera was a piece of junk.

  • RussJ

    450K on the odometer, never had an engine overhaul, doesn’t even burn a drop of oil. Trans rebuilt, but not surprising since it tows… a lot…

  • Tyler

    Dodge or Ford?

  • TheChairman

    AutoGuide is just another PR shill for the auto industry (to promote buying -new- vehicles).

    ‘Value’ is an abused term in this context. That can’t be determined until actual operating costs, repair expenditures, and resale price are established… i.e. years down the road.

    If someone buys a new ‘Beetle’ or BMW 7 series and thinks it’ll hold it’s ‘value’ 5-10 years down the road, they’re dreaming. Comparing the ‘future value’ of a -utility- vehicle (i.e. truck, Jeep, 4WD) against the plethora of niche cars is journalistic malpractice, or propaganda.

    e.g. a VW MKIV TDI is one of the -best- values ever: reliable, excellent MPG, good resale.

    Likewise, Jeep holds value very well… go price a nice condition used 1998-2004 Wrangler.

  • Fumrmn

    Glad someone is recognizing fords for the garbage that they are….disposable.

  • willyfast

    What is common knowledge in the trades sometimes is missed by us average consumers. As it pertains to Super Duty diesels 2003 thru 2008 BEWARE!!!. Nothing but problems. Google search will show you what and why I say this. Prior to 2003 you had the 7.3, I’ve owned 4 of these and loved them all. Ford’s own groundup design [2009 and later] also has gotten rave reviews. Remember – Just say no to ’03 thru ’08.

  • Tyler

    i know someone who has a 2012 power stroke with 120k and at least once a month he’s taking it to the shop to get fixed. he is a big ford fan, probably has 10 various models, and he even admits that the only reason he gets a ford is because of the price tag and that the dealership treats him well.

  • YourMom

    This is a worthless list. Apparently the only thing that matters to consumer reports is fuel economy and price. Yes, high fuel costs plus high purchase price equal high cost. But since when do those two variables strictly define value? Stopped reading 4 cars in…

  • Stud

    You’re mom is disposable.

  • davis98

    Sure not many jeeps on the used car lots. I went in and had my Dodge ram serviced there wasn’t one jeep on the lot for sale either. They must be going somewhere. So this article is a bit slanted.

  • Levi Sholths

    Alex, Nissan is in the top 5 selling brands in America! And no, Volkswagen is not included.

  • Chris Dainer

    I have a Nissan Armada Platinum and is is coming up to 265000 KM but it runs like a charm. Whoever wrote this article obviously knows nothing about vehicles!

  • Alex Morgan

    ppl in US buy Japo car bcoz of fuel economy. US ppl shud buy US cars bcoz they re more butiful and comfi than Godzilla cars. Nissan FX35 dashboard melts under hot sun and when it melts it releases black tar mixed with petrochemical that causes skin cancer. probably Nissan bribed some officials to hide this fact…so if you want to get cancer, buy Nissan.

  • steveinPEI