Top 10 Performance Cars We Drove in 2013

Top 10 Performance Cars We Drove in 2013

10. 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

The Fiesta ST is the performance bargain of 2013. Delivering nearly 200 hp in a subcompact body, the ST is a proper hot hatch. The suspension, wheels, tires, transmission and even seats have all been upgraded to deliver a sporty feel far beyond a conventional sub-compact. This car absolutely loves to be driven hard everywhere it goes.

Best of all, thanks to the five door hatchback design and low curb weight, the ST is also a practical, everyday car that returns decent gas mileage.

  • Reid Conti

    Doesn’t the LFA have a V10?

  • Mike Schlee

    Correct. Not sure how that slipped through. I have corrected it.

  • Alex

    Come on, a corvette on the first place and a 911 4s gets 9th place. Typical American top 10. The F12 is nowhere to be found, but you do find a Mazda rx-7.

  • Phil

    Best guess would be that THEY DIDN’T DRIVE THE F12.

  • From Kyoto

    Lol…As usuall at the first place an american car…how much they paid you ? 😀

  • Alfie

    Um, it’s all new cars. The BRZ/FRS is almost two years old now.