Top 10 Performance Cars We Drove in 2013

Top 10 Performance Cars We Drove in 2013

3. Lexus LFA

The Lexus LFA may well be one of the best cars ever built, period. It’s a technological masterpiece that delivers insane thrills by the second. The 552 hp 4.8 liter V10 screams down the road convincing all within earshot that a Formula 1 car must be on the loose. Grip, speed and confidence build as this car seems capable of breaking the laws of physics.

Insanely expensive and insanely exclusive, the LFA could not be placed any higher on our list as most will never get to drive this car, much like the F1 cars it tries to mimic. Even we were limited to a few short laps around the track, but oh, the memories we will have of those laps.

  • Reid Conti

    Doesn’t the LFA have a V10?

  • Mike Schlee

    Correct. Not sure how that slipped through. I have corrected it.

  • Alex

    Come on, a corvette on the first place and a 911 4s gets 9th place. Typical American top 10. The F12 is nowhere to be found, but you do find a Mazda rx-7.

  • Phil

    Best guess would be that THEY DIDN’T DRIVE THE F12.

  • From Kyoto

    Lol…As usuall at the first place an american car…how much they paid you ? 😀

  • Alfie

    Um, it’s all new cars. The BRZ/FRS is almost two years old now.