Toyota, BMW Sports Car Platform Agreed on: Report

Toyota, BMW Sports Car Platform Agreed on: Report

The much-hyped BMW and Toyota sports car collaboration is moving closer to being a reality according to a new report. 

In June, 2012, the companies announced an agreement to collaborate on lithium-air batteries and lightweight vehicle technology. At the time, the brand spoke of possible plans to work together in building the platform for a mid-sized sports car. Now a report from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is quoting BMW development chief Herbert Diess saying the brands “have agreed on a joint architecture for a sports car,” adding that they will be two different vehicles authentic to their respective brands.

Many have speculated that for Toyota, the project will birth a spiritual successor to the Supra (above). Production of the Japanese rear-wheel drive sports car ended in 2002. Toyota introduced the FR-S under its Scion brand for North America last year, but the Subaru-Toyota lovechild leaves space for a larger, more powerful and more expensive performance product.

Diess declined to provide details on the models that will be built as a result of the project.


    i could only hope they make a new supra!!! one of my favorite cars!! they better just not mess it up….nissan did a good job making the R35 skyline so hopefully toyota does just as well with the supra!!

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    new Supra!