Toyota Camry Recommended by Consumer Reports Again

Toyota Camry Recommended by Consumer Reports Again

Earlier this year, Chicken Little realized his worst fears. The sky wasn’t falling , but Consumer Reports ceased to recommend the Toyota Camry.

The news came out last October and if you were like most people, the rational conclusion was to assume that established constants like gravity and petty larceny laws no longer applied. Instead, it turned out that Toyota’s bread-and-butter vehicle fared poorly in the IIHS’ small overlap crash test. It was one of several cars to be stripped of the coveted Consumer Reports endorsement, but the material goods watchdog said today that it has restored the Camry’s title.

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After the IIHS results were released, Toyota moved quickly to improve the safety rating its mid-size sedan would score in the marginal damage measuring scenario. Based on the new crash tests, it earned an “acceptable” score rather that the “poor” rating it garnered previously. The bolstered Camrys – built after November, 2013 – are also recognized by the IIHS as Top Safety Picks.

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  • techieg

    What were they thinking about the Camry design after 2011? They all look like cheap toys like some other knockoff brand compared to the full/well-rounded body of the 2007 to 2011 Camry. This is the same complaint everyone I know has. Toyota needs to re-engineer this issue and shift gears closer to that body style.

  • Botein

    I agree. I just hate the rear tail lights to the point I won’t buy a new Camry until they change them. Maybe I’ll go to the new Avalon.