Q&A With Toyota Tundra Chief Engineer Mike Sweers – Video

Q&A With Toyota Tundra Chief Engineer Mike Sweers – Video

Recently AutoGuide.com worked with Toyota to arrange a unique interview session with Mike Sweers, the chief engineer of the 2014 Tundra, getting answers to questions posed by readers and members of the AutoGuide.com Group forums, including TundraTalk.net and TundraSolutions.com.

The finished video has now been released.


In the video, Colum Wood, director of editorial for the AutoGuide.com Group, poses the questions to Sweers, discussing the nuts and bolts of the 2014 Tundra. With literally hundreds of questions submitted we couldn’t get to them all, but we did try to pack in as many as we could.

If you have more questions you’d like answered, ask them in the comments section. While we can’t promise another fancy interview video, we’ll do what we can.

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  • ThomasVanHoesen

    What have you done to prevent frames from rusting out. I’ve had mine replaced but in the near future -next few years- I’d like to buy a new truck Toyota lost me and many others with severe frame rust. I’m leaning heavily towards a domestic truck now. Sadly said ….
    Specifically what have you done …..

  • Joann S

    Yes , I agree with , what have you done to prevent the frames from rusting , I have a recall on the frame to be re coated and to be told the recall will be recalled again due to toyota not having the formula right ? Been happy with Toyota for years .

  • Matt B

    Can someone please please please tell me what modification can be done to decrease the flex in the frame at the point where the open c channel meets the reinforced c channel? I have a 1 month old baby and CANNOT drive this truck with him in the back seat.

  • david

    Can I buy a new remote for my 2008 tundra and get the longer range like the later mkdels??

  • Tony Leal

    i liked the old back seat better, also the lack of storage space behind the rear seat really bumbed me out..i also miss the little compartments on the doors and the second glove box. my last complaint is the carpet quality seems to have taken a dive. the carpet in my 11 looked brand new after 3 years, my 14 is only a few months old and its showing signs of wear already. all in all the 14 is a great truck buts its missing the little things that made it sparkle…