10 Photos You Have to See from the Detroit Auto Show

10 Photos You Have to See from the Detroit Auto Show
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Audi display: S3, RS7 and R8

Beautiful in blue! Audi may have had some other (and newer) products to talk about at the Detroit show, but it’s hard to argue that these three are the most attractive. The Audi S3, RS7 and R8. Which would you pick?

  • Mark

    Why do we rarely see American made cars when publications like yours does these “you got to see these!” features. Not one American car seen here. Thanks for the (lack) of support for the American car manufacturers.

  • Merc Man

    Mark:-) Because American cars are crap, get over it.

  • desmar

    If American companies stop worrying about how much is going to build and profit margins, etc.. And just build the cars we want to buy. Perfect example:2014 Cadillac CTS it could have been better than Benz ,audi and even BMW but they cut corners!.
    A similar CTS and Audi A go for 60 thousands. Now tell me which why would you buy on craftsmanship.
    Therefore us companies would never beat them.